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No IOMW is complete without intense and mind-blowing software workshops.  For many of us, this is the only chance we get to interact with experts on Rasch software on a face-to-face basis, including the luminaries of our field who actually wrote the software.  


The workshops this year will run all day -- quick presentations in the morning, full workshops in the afternoon -- and we will throw in a panel on Measurement and Big Data.  In addition to industry standards like Andrich's RUMM, Linacre's Facets, and Wilson's ConQuest, Patrick Meyer will present his open-source jMetrik (which includes an excellent implementation of the 2PL and 3PL models), Mark Moulton will show how to use Python to run measurement models, and Hong Jiao will show how to run some truly advanced Rasch models in Openbugs.  The program will be finalized soon and promises to make for an extremely interesting day.  


Note that in 2018, the workshops fall on the third day of IOMW (April 12).  That way, you have a nice way to stay engaged before NCME kicks in on April 13.

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